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Side and Back Glass Window Replacement

Door glass, back glass, and all other glass glass installed in cars and trucks are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass, unlike windshield glass, is designed to shatter into many small pieces of glass when broken.

When your auto glass breaks you need to get it fixed right away. Call San Antonio Auto Glass and a mobile technician can come to your location to install new auto glass.


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OEM Glass

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer auto glass. Most automotive manufacturers do not fabricate their own glass. They request bids from current auto glass fabricators when they design a new vehicle. The fabricator who is awarded the bid for that specific vehicle or glass piece is then considered OEM for that specific model.

However, not ALL glass on new vehicles is awarded to the same fabricator. For example, a 2011 Chevy Malibu is FACTORY EQUIPPED with PGW side door windows, yet the windshield and back window are Pilkington glass. Both pieces of glass have the GM stamp despite being made by two different glass companies.

Ford Motor Company uses a single manufacturer for all Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln vehicles. Carlite is OEM for all Ford vehicles, and some of their auto glass has silk-screened logos to distinguish them.

OEM auto glass for Dodge, Chrysler, and Jeep uses Mopar as their unique manufacturer. They also have begun to silkscreen logos and other trademarked features to help distinguish themselves and push their brand.

All foreign vehicles have various OEM manufacturers depending on where the vehicle was built.

OEE Glass

OEE stands for Original Equipment Equivalent auto glass and is also often referred to as aftermarket auto glass. Aftermarket glass is fabricated by manufacturers who don’t produce OEM glass, meaning they aren’t under contract with any of the major auto companies.

Almost all aftermarket glass is made by companies located in China. These aftermarket manufacturers don’t have the original molds for the auto glass that is installed by auto companies, so the glass specifications aren’t exactly identical to OEM glass. While this does result in a product that is not the same quality as OEM glass, aftermarket glass still must pass all Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards before being imported into the United States. This means they are all SAFE; however, the difference lies in the optical clarity, fit, and finish.

Rear Windshield / Back Glass Replacement

Most of the vehicles on the road today are equipped with a rear window defogger or antenna. It is imperative that you communicate all the features your vehicle’s back window may have if you need your back glass replaced.

Rear Defog: Back window heating elements are a series of metal lines etched into the glass that are electronically charged to heat the window and defog it.

Antennas: AM/FM radios, satellite radios, and even GPS navigation all commonly use an antenna in order to receive a signal.

Sliders: Some pick-up trucks have a sliding center window allowing access to the bed of the truck. Most open and close manually, but some do have a power option.

When having your rear window replaced be sure to let us know of any features your window may have. San Antonio Auto Glass has all types of car back glass, truck slider glass, and power sliders in stock.

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