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Did you know that your vehicle’s windshield does more than just act as a windscreen? Your windshield is also a crucial part of your vehicle’s design structure and adds vital support in the event of a crash or collision. San Antonio Auto Glass highly recommends that you take a moment to learn more about the importance of auto glass and your safety.


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Windshield Safety Facts

Properly installed automotive windshields provide structural rigidity to the vehicle’s roof in case of a rollover crash. The windshield actually is responsible for 30% of the entire car’s unit-body roof structural integrity. In addition, the airbag system heavily relies on the windshield in order to properly deploy the passenger’s side airbag in the event of a front-end collision. The passenger’s side airbag bounces off the windshield in order to provide a more safe and stable airbag deployment thus reducing passenger injuries and much more important—fatalities.

Experienced Auto Glass Technicians

Your car is your life, your freedom, your baby. Make sure the tech who works on your car is not only certified but also experienced. Think about it this way, would you go to a doctor who is certified to perform triple bypass surgery with 6 months of surgery experience to perform triple bypass surgery on your heart? Or would you rather have a veteran surgeon with 15 years and thousands of successful surgeries under his belt? The same applies to auto glass technicians. You can have all the certifications in the industry, but if you have no hands-on experience you are not worth all the certifications in the world. San Antonio Auto Glass technicians have no less than 15 years of verifiable auto glass replacement experience. Some of our techs have been in the auto glass industry for up to 25 years.

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